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Pre-winter Snow On Dhauladhar Range

Pre-winter snow on Dhauladhar Range

You don’t see it in pleasantly cold Shimla or Srinagar before December-January, but Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas directly above Dharamshala-Mcleodganj is the only 14000 feet high stretch extending upto Baijnath where a whole series of mountains are laden with snow for most part of the year. A look from the lavishly green Kangra valley right below presents a happy contrast making the comprehensive panorama charismatic.
The beauty of the entire landscape from Dharamshala to Baijnath a span of about 70 kms lies in the fact that vast plains of Kangra valley rise abruptly into steep Dhauladhar range full of beautiful snow carpet.
Years back, I enquired of a Canadian lady about how she rated the place. She was forthright in her view which I repeat here verbatim for the benefit of the visitor:
“I happen to belong to a publishing house in London and by virtue of that I have traversed to many beautiful places the world over. There are mountains like this at many places and scenic valleys at others, but nowhere in the world are both seen merging so close to each other combining the charm of the valley to the majesty of the mountains.
Another elderly lady, a renowned architect named Didi Contractor, American by birth, who had designed the famous Prithvi Raj Studios of Bollywood film world had this to say:
“When the time came to settle, I first went to Gujarat side. There being no place of my choice, I went South and East, but none appealed. When I landed here in the lush Kangra valley beneath the snowy Dhauladhar range, I never returned.”
The fact, that of all the important tourist destinations in India and after having been at Dehradun hill station for around a year, The Dalai Lama shifted to Mcleodganj-Dharamshala and chose it as his permanent abode. That he has been living here for the last about 60 years distinguishes the charm of the Kangra valley and its Dhauladhar range of mountains from others.
The pre-winter September-end fresh snow fall on the Dhauladhar range last week has added to the charm of the splendid Kangra Valley resembling the pure white attire of the bride at the Church anxiously waiting for her groom.

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